The investment professionals at Spring Street Partners each have more than twenty years of direct “hands-on” experience managing investment capital.


Experience and expertise – As a result of their experience as senior executives of leading financial investment companies involved in capital markets activities, strategic trading, and client advisory assignments, the senior management of Spring Street Partners has successfully managed through a variety of market conditions. The experience and expertise of the senior management provides the Partnership with the perspective and confidence to manage capital in even the most volatile market conditions.

Hands-on approach – The senior management of Spring Street Partners take a “hands-on” approach to managing all aspects of the investment process, including capital allocation to investment strategies, risk management, and investment analysis.

Proprietary capital – The exclusive use of proprietary capital allows Spring Street Partners to make investments with the appropriate time horizon and risk tolerance for each investment strategy and not be influenced or distracted by external demands into premature exits from investments. The use of proprietary capital also allows Spring Street Partners to effectively develop and test new investment strategies to the fullest extent necessary and to quickly deploy successful new strategies.