Everclean Services



Everclean Services is the largest independent food safety company in the United States and
provides food safety and sanitation programs to its clients, including restaurants, supermarkets,
hospitals, schools, and food chains. As part of its programs, Everclean Services offers Food
Safety and Sanitation Audits, which includes hands-on educational training for managers and
staff on food safety and sanitation practices. Each audited location receives a detailed Food
Safety Report that is reviewed with the manager on site and is also available online through a
secure web site.

Everclean Services also offers On Site Food Safety Classes, Customized Food Safety
Materials, Manager Certification, Microbiological Testing, Vendor Inspections, Compliance
Audits, and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point ("HACCP") consulting, auditing, and training.
Everclean is currently the largest independent food safety inspection company in the United

Spring Street Partners is Everclean Services' largest outside shareholder. David Liptak serves
as Chairman of the Everclean Services Board of Directors.